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Start accepting crypto gifts with Crypto for Charity by FreeWill — a new, powerful platform that lets qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofits accept Bitcoin and 165+ other cryptocurrencies.

Nonprofits across the U.S. choose Crypto for Charity
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How it works
  1. Crypto for Charity by FreeWill creates a dedicated crypto donation page for participating charities.

  2. Supporters use the page to initiate gifts of crypto.

  3. These gifts are received by CoCatalyst Impact, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, which provides receipts to donors and handles IRS compliance.

  4. Charities receive the net cash proceeds of the crypto gift from Impact, along with new gift notifications, donor contact information (when available), and more.
Your own crypto giving page — fast set-up
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This is solving a real need. As someone that runs a nonprofit and has looked into this, I can tell you that accepting crypto is HARD.

Jack S.

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Why leading nonprofits choose Crypto for Charity

165+ coins offered — Double other platforms, meaning you'll never lose a gift again.


Automated IRS compliance, including Forms 8282 and 8283.


Lightning fast set-up — No senior leadership's social security number or ID needed.

Millennial giving
Your Millennial major donors are waiting

US donors gave more than $500 million in crypto gifts in 2021, more than double the year before. And the average gift made via FreeWill crypto sites is more than $7,000.


16% of the US population now owns crypto and  more than three-quarters are under age 45 — meaning your organization has a massive opportunity to tap into more dollars, reach Millennials, and secure major gifts.

Tap into crypto generosity today

Join the 120+ charities that already use Crypto for Charity by FreeWill to unlock transformational crypto gifts and tap into the next generation of Millennial giving.