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saint-ignatius - Angela LoBue


Simplifying stock gifts & raising $555K

How a Cleveland, OH, school streamlined stock giving for their donors and staff — raising larger, more impactful gifts.


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American Heart Association: 3 steps to build relationships with legacy donors

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$7M+ in 7 months: How BCRF kickstarted their legacy program with a FreeWill National Feature

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How Second Harvest of Silicon Valley is using QCDs and legacy gifts to tackle hunger

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How Reasons to Believe is capturing major stock gifts from mid-level donors

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How a local nonprofit supports a community in crisis with crypto philanthropy — gains new major donors

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How AFSP raised $5M for suicide prevention with FreeWill

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How Defenders of Wildlife raised $7M in new bequests with FreeWill

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1 year & 100+ gifts: How the PAN Foundation empowers donors & drives legacy giving

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How the Entertainment Community Fund raised $2.5M by providing their community with free wills

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How the Boys and Girls Club of Newark kickstarted legacy giving raising nearly $1M in bequests

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SUNY Brockport capitalizes on The Great Wealth Transfer, raising $1.175M in just nine months

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How amfAR responded to donor needs with crypto

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How a regional featureship allowed RMHCIA to reach more donors and raise $1.6M in bequests

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How Susquehanna Health Foundation has created a culture of legacy giving

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How National Urban League is leveraging a partnership with FreeWill to build generational legacies

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How Ms. Foundation gained 400+ new legacy donors and $20M in bequest commitments through FreeWill's National Featureship

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$95K in 6 months: How MANNA gives the gift of peace of mind to supporters

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Embracing equity in planned giving: How the YMCA of Greater Richmond raised $1.2M in legacy commitments

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How Florida A&M University is educating donors of all ages on the importance of legacy giving

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How Greenhill Humane Society raised over $4.8M in legacy gifts with FreeWill

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Building something eternal: How Andrew Wommack Ministries raised over $109M in legacy gifts with FreeWill

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Trusted by the smartest minds in planned & major giving

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“FreeWill addresses a critical gap in legacy fundraising: how to actually get the documents completed.”


Dr. Russell James

Professor of Charitable Financial Giving

Texas Tech University


“I’ve always told donors that estate planning is easier done than said. FreeWill makes that possible and we’re excited to be offering it to our supporters and alumni.”


Harry Need

Director of Planned Giving

University of Alaska Foundation


"I think you're putting your finger on the pulse of what charitable organizations want and need to promote. I think it's very smart. It's exciting, and I'm excited to be in this space with you. You're creating a whole new class of philanthropists."


Brian Peterson

Director, Legacy and Gift Planning

Human Rights Watch


"FreeWill is the missing piece of this puzzle. It starts a conversation and creates this almost audible buzz around the topic. Larger donors hear the buzz and want to be a part of it so they step forward and that's already proving to be so valuable. The excitement is real in our office, on a Director level."


Jeff McCormick

Director of Development and Planned Giving

Saint Ignatius High School


"FreeWill has been one of the most market-savvy vendors we've collaborated with, offering helpful strategy ideas and great copy."


Hillary Newton

Content Manager

Operation Underground Railroad


"We love working with you all. It's an amazing product and we are so thankful for all of the support that you give us. We hope to partner with FreeWill for as long as CurePSP exists!"


Sabrina Da Rocha

Marketing Manager