How to write effective emails

Tips and examples for planned and major giving

Now more than ever, good writing matters for nonprofits. Not only do emails drive more than 16% of online donations, but fundraisers have also had to be extra conscientious of messaging while dealing with a global pandemic, turbulent election cycle, and an uncertain economy.


The current moment has compelled nonprofits to alter their traditional donor communication strategies — especially when discussing planned or major giving. Successful organizations have crafted messaging that is sensitive, considerate, and extremely effective at engaging supporters. With only 8 seconds to capture a person's attention with an email, your writing is put to the test from the first glance.


To help you write more effectively, we've created a guide with our top writing tips as well as example emails from successful nonprofits.


What's inside:

  • Why email writing matters for fundraising

  • 10 writing tips for effective emails

  • 9 email examples & why they work