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Fundraising from Gen X: What nonprofits need to know in 2022


Between much of philanthropy focusing on the large, wealthy Baby Boomers and the rise of Millennial donors, Gen X is often forgotten about. However, there are only 8 million fewer Gen-Xers than Millennials, and they give more than 23% of all charitable contributions — only second to Boomers.

As this in-between generation gets older, accumulates more wealth, and plans their estates, planned and major giving professionals have a huge opportunity to engage them in their work.

Watch Patrick Schmitt, the Co-CEO of FreeWill, to learn the trends and motivations shaping Gen X donors, as well as strategies for successfully fundraising from this group in 2022.


In this webinar, we covered:

  • Shifting demographics & wealth
  • Trends & changes shaping Gen X donors
  • Tax-savvy types of gifts — and why this is so important for Gen X
  • Gen X fundraising strategies in 2022
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