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Everyone needs an estate plan, but most Americans don't have basic documents in place. With FreeWill, you can better serve your customers, employees, and communities by making it free and simple to create their wills and other end-of-life documents.

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53% of people say creating a Will or Estate Plan is top of mind

Financial Advisors And Insurers

  • Get more involved with the estate planning conversation
  • Perfect for clients who aren’t ready to pay for an attorney
  • Free access to the client’s family to expand your brand and network

Employers And Benefits Providers

  • Add EOL as a simple, branded benefit
  • Ensure that employees who are caretakers of elderly family members and members of the LGBTQ+ community have benefits that are inclusive and relevant
  • Supercharge your CSR efforts, and spur employee action toward good

Local Cities

  • Provide will writing, and estate planning services free for citizens
  • Reduce wasted probate court and judicial time
  • Ensure better access to law across your community
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With FreeWill, we can better understand our customers to ensure we're providing the best coverage for their needs. Our advertising can't talk about death, but with FreeWill, we can broach touchy topics.

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We have so many emails from staff just saying, "thank you so much." Not even kidding. It really is amazing, I am astounded by the numbers.


- Gwen Mallon, MI Windows and Doors

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This was super easy to use, and I love that it encourages donating to charity. It took barely any time at all, and it's nice that I can log back into my account to make changes any time I need. As someone creating my first will, this allowed me to set up basic provisions while keeping in mind what I may want to include in the future.

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