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2020 QCD Report

Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) from IRAs are the fastest growing area of philanthropy. Ensure your organization is capitalizing on this important field by downloading our 2020 QCD Report.

This report was created by the FreeWill Team in response to the sector-wide surge in 2018 in giving via QCDs. It provides industry insight and expert recommendations on how nonprofits can grow their QCD gifts in 2020.

The research is comprised of conversations with and qualitative survey results from hundreds of nonprofit organizations, ranging from $1M to $1B in total annual revenue, as well as our internal, anonymized data.

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QCDs: What you need to know in 2020 and beyond

In this video series, you'll learn everything you need to know about QCDs and how to increase these gifts at your nonprofit in 2020.

Lesson 1: What every fundraising professional needs to know about QCDs

In this first lesson, you'll learn what Qualified Charitable Distributions are, which of your donors are eligible to make them, and why they have tax benefits for donors over 70.5.


Lesson 2: Why QCDs are one of the best ways for older donors to give

In this lesson, we'll be exploring how the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act increased standard deductions and changed the value of Qualified Charitable Distributions as a result.

Lesson 3: How your QCD donors can tap into tax benefits

Qualified Charitable Distributions from IRAs have major tax benefits for your nonprofit donors because they lower income instead of raising deductions. Now, you can find out how the math behind this actually works — and how your donors can save money by donating via QCDs.


Lesson 4: 3 things nonprofits need to know about the SECURE Act in 2020

Passed in December 2019, the SECURE Act will have a major impact on the future of Qualified Charitable Distributions. In this lesson, you'll learn what this new legislation is changing in 2020 and how that will affect your nonprofit donors.

Lesson 5: The math behind IRA contributions & the SECURE Act

When the SECURE Act was passed in 2019, it removed the age cap for IRA contributions. In this lesson, we'll be diving into the math behind the change and how it will affect QCDs in the future.


Lesson 6: 3 powerful ways to grow your QCD gifts in 2020

Gifts via Qualified Charitable Distributions shouldn't be overlooked. In this lesson, you'll learn how to increase donor education around QCDs, make it easier to track gifts, and how to re-engage your QCD donors.