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Trusts vs. wills: 3 strategies for fundraising planned gifts in California


In the next few decades, an estimated $30 to $68 trillion will be passed on in
the "Great Wealth Transfer,” marking an unprecedented opportunity for nonprofits to raise crucial funds from planned gifts.

And while many planned gift officers provide their organization’s supporters with the resources to make wills and consider leaving charitable bequests, this isn’t necessarily the best option for California residents.

As the pandemic has made the state’s lengthy probate process even longer, legacy donors caring for their loved ones may be better off keeping their property out of probate altogether. And they can do this by creating a revocable living trust instead of a traditional will.


Watch Patrick Schmitt, the Co-CEO of FreeWill, to learn all about revocable living trusts, why they matter for your California-based legacy donors, and the strategies you need to set your organization up for success with planned giving in California.


In this webinar, we covered:

  • Understanding RLTs and how they work
  • Why RLTs are so important for CA residents
  • Trends among California-based legacy donors
  • 3 strategies for securing larger planned gifts in CA
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