Webinar recording

How Donor Advised Funds are changing in 2021, & 3 steps to take


2020 saw a huge surge in wealthy donors giving out of their Donor Advised Funds (DAFs). While increased need during the Coronavirus pandemic had a lot to do with this, both contributions going into DAFs and grants coming out have been steadily increasing over the past seven years. Non-cash gifts like stock — which have the biggest impact on long-term success — make up nearly two-thirds of these gifts. If fundraising professionals can get better at finding and cultivating DAF donors now, they’ll have a significant impact on the future of their organization.

Watch Patrick Schmitt, the Co-CEO of FreeWill, to learn how giving from DAFs is changing in 2021, and three steps nonprofit professionals can take to capture more of these gifts.


In this webinar, we covered:

  • What to expect from DAF giving this year
  • Navigating different types of DAFs
  • Tips for finding and cultivating DAF donors
  • Advanced strategies for soliciting DAF donations
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